“Rewinding the Tracks: Unveiling the Music Milestones of December 3, 1986.”


On December 3, 1986, the music world was buzzing with various events and releases. This day marked significant album releases, chart-topping singles, and notable events in the careers of several musicians. From rock to pop, the music scene was vibrant and dynamic, reflecting the diverse tastes of the global audience. This article will delve into the significant music news and happenings on this day in 1986.

The Top Chart Hits on December 3, 1986: A Look Back at the Music Scene

Ah, December 3, 1986. A day that will live in infamy. Or, at least, a day that will live in the annals of pop music history. Why, you ask? Well, let me take you on a journey back to the time when shoulder pads were as essential as the air we breathe, and mullets were considered the height of fashion. Yes, my friends, we’re talking about the 80s, a decade that was as colorful and vibrant as the music it produced.

On this day, the Billboard Hot 100 was dominated by a motley crew of artists, each with their unique sound and style. At the top of the charts, we had the evergreen Bon Jovi with their anthem “You Give Love a Bad Name.” This was a song that had teenagers across the globe screaming into their hairbrushes, pretending to be Jon Bon Jovi himself. And who could blame them? With his flowing locks and leather pants, he was the epitome of 80s rock and roll.

But it wasn’t all about rock. Oh no, the 80s were nothing if not diverse. Sliding into the second spot was the smooth and sultry “Human” by The Human League. This synth-pop ballad was a stark contrast to Bon Jovi’s rock anthem, but it was just as popular. It was the kind of song that made you want to slow dance with your high school sweetheart at the prom, under a disco ball, of course.

Then, in third place, we had the unforgettable “Amanda” by Boston. This power ballad was the band’s first and only number-one hit in the U.S. It was a song that tugged at your heartstrings, with lyrics that spoke of love and longing. It was the kind of song that made you want to call up your ex and tell them you still loved them. But, of course, you didn’t. Because you were too busy rocking out to Bon Jovi.

And let’s not forget the fourth spot, held by none other than the legendary Madonna with her hit “True Blue.” This was a song that had everyone dancing, from the cool kids at the back of the bus to the nerds in the front. It was catchy, it was fun, and it was quintessentially Madonna.

Rounding out the top five was “Hip to Be Square” by Huey Lewis and the News. This was a song that celebrated being uncool, which was pretty cool in itself. It was a song that made you want to put on your squarest glasses, your nerdiest sweater, and dance like no one was watching.

So, there you have it. The top chart hits on December 3, 1986. A day when rock, pop, and synth all coexisted in perfect harmony. A day when music was as diverse and eclectic as the people who listened to it. A day that will forever be remembered as a golden era in music history. So, let’s raise our boomboxes high and salute the 80s, a decade that gave us some of the best music the world has ever seen.