“Reliving the Rhythms: A Look Back at November 13th, 1985 in Music News!”


On November 13th, 1985, the music world was buzzing with various events, album releases, and artist news. This day marked significant happenings in the music industry, shaping the trends and influencing the charts. From rock and roll to pop and classical, every genre had its share of news, making it a noteworthy day in music history.

The Top Chart Hits on November 13th, 1985: A Look Back

Ah, the 80s. A time of big hair, neon colors, and music that was so catchy, it’s still stuck in our heads today. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to November 13th, 1985, a day when the top chart hits were as diverse and vibrant as the decade itself.

First up, we had the unforgettable “We Built This City” by Starship. This song was so popular, it was practically the unofficial anthem of 1985. With its infectious chorus and synth-driven melody, it was the kind of song that made you want to jump up and down on your bed with a hairbrush microphone. And let’s not forget those lyrics – “We built this city on rock and roll.” It’s a bold claim, but who are we to argue with Starship?

Next on the charts was the heart-wrenching ballad “Separate Lives” by Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin. This song was the perfect soundtrack for staring out of a rain-soaked window, contemplating the complexities of love and life. Collins and Martin’s voices blended together so beautifully, it was enough to make even the most hardened cynic shed a tear.

Then there was “Part-Time Lover” by Stevie Wonder. With its funky beat and catchy lyrics, this song was a surefire hit. It was the kind of song that made you want to dance around your living room in your socks, sliding across the floor like a budget version of Michael Jackson. And let’s be honest, who didn’t want to be a part-time lover in the 80s?

But let’s not forget about “You Belong to the City” by Glenn Frey. This song was a love letter to the urban jungle, with its saxophone solos and Frey’s soulful vocals. It was the kind of song that made you want to put on a trench coat, walk down a city street at night, and pretend you were in a film noir.

And last but not least, we had “Miami Vice Theme” by Jan Hammer. This instrumental track was as cool as they come, with its pulsating rhythm and synth-heavy sound. It was the kind of song that made you want to drive down a highway at sunset, the wind in your hair and not a care in the world.

So there you have it, folks. The top chart hits on November 13th, 1985. It was a time of big hair, big dreams, and even bigger hits. And while the fashion may have changed (thankfully), the music remains as timeless as ever. So why not dust off your old records, put on your favorite neon leg warmers, and take a trip back to the 80s? After all, we built this city on rock and roll.